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Vela 2000

The ABUS Vela 2000 Euro Lock Cylinder is a Sold Secure Approved Euro cylinder.

  • Key: Multiple paracentric reversible key made from hard-wearing nickel silver
  • Key insertion: Horizontal
  • Patent protection*: Yes
  • Trademark protection: Yes
  • Copy protection: Inspect system
  • Locking rows: 2
  • Total locking elements: 10
  • Modular design: Optional
  • Minimum length: 30/30 mm for Euro profile double cylinders
  • Length increments: Extensions available in 5 mm increments
  • Security card: Key related security: Class 6 in accordance with DIN EN 1303, details available on request
  • Attack resistance: Class B, Class D if special features anti-drill and extraction protection BZD
  • Fire resistance: Class B, T90
  • Product certification: Certified to DIN 18252 and DIN EN 1303 standards
  • Optional, for example SKG***, details available on request
  • Manufacturer certification: ISO 9001
  • Production: Made in Germany
Company: ABUS UK Ltd
Product Categories: Lock Cylinders
Product Type: Lock Cylinder
Contact Amy Baker
Telephone: 0117 2047000
Grading: Lock Cylinders - Gold

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