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AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock

The AL-KO Secure Wheel Lock is available in three versions – a Compact kit, a Plus kit and a Premium kit. These three versions offer identical levels of security and work in exactly the same way. The only difference is in the initial setup of the system, which will depend on the age and model of your caravan.

Security Features

  • Over 30,000 security combinations
  • Sold Secure SS110 Diamond Approval
  • Portable and easy to fit
  • Registered key management system
  • Drill resistant lock with anti-pick tumbler system
  • Wheel specific insert protects wheel nuts
  • Precision engineering contoured to your alloy which prevents leverage
  • Positioning of wheel receiver protects stub axle bolt/nut and receiver fixings
  • Insurance discounts available
Company: AL KO Kober Ltd
Product Categories: Caravan & Trailer Security
Product Type: Wheel Clamp
Contact Mr Paul Jones
Telephone: 01926 818500
Grading: Diamond Caravan Wheel Locks - Diamond

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