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Artago Stone 18ART120

The Artago 18ART120 is a anti-theft U-lock, this d lock is the most compact version of the 18ART family.

  • HIGH QUALITY: It has a width of 85 mm, is made of hardened special steel, has a diameter of 18 mm and has a side protection against saw, scissors, hammer and lever. It has an inner size of 85x125mm, which enables the rim and disc to be locked and makes it easier to transport under the seat. The 18ART120 is part of the BUNKER SELECTION, a selection of exclusive high-end locks.
  • CLASSE SRA, ART **** and SOLD SECURE GOLD homologated: it has passed the most demanding tests of the main European approval authorities. It has a DISC-TECH ART + lock, a high-quality steel shackle with a diameter of 18mm and a patented mechanical MRT lock.
  • MRT: The patented MRT locking mechanism locks the anti-theft U-lock at both ends with an anti-twist device. It also has a 10mm shield, with an exclusive anti-vibration system inside and covered with a tough interchangeable nylon body.
  • DISC-TECH ART +: disc lock with anti-pick protection and 5 mm anti-drill disc. With your code you can request a duplicate of keys at any time. In addition to the Disc-Tech ART + locks, the special production service is offered with the same lock combination to use your current or future locks with the same key.
  • MADE IN EUROPE: ARTAGO SECURE has developed into the largest specialist in high-end theft protection for motorcycles. His factory is one of the most advanced and skilled in the world and is still located in Valencia (Spain). In contrast to others, its proximity is not only a synonym for quality, but it also assures good customer service in the future.
Company: Artago Secure S.L.
Product Categories: Motorcycle Security Products
Product Type: D Lock
Contact Snr A Artagoitia Barea
Telephone: 0034 962531074
Grading: Powered Cycle (Formerly Motorcycle) - Gold

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