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Federal Lock FD 740

Federal Lock FD 740 is a Sold Secure approved padlock ideal for security gates, factory front, garage, entrance, etc.

  • E-coated hardened steel lock body with blue bumper
  • Anti-cut molybdenum shackle
  • Rekeyable & changeable 6 pin brass anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick cylinder with two keys
  • Double stainless steel ball locking system
  • Anti-drill sliding cover plate design
  • Clever shackle change design [Patented]
  • KA & MK available

740 Series features an e-coated hardened steel lock body with molybdenum shackle to resist drilling, sawing, twisting, and brute force attacks. With the blue bumper, the lock body can prevent damage to locked item. The anti-drill sliding cover plate provides high standard drilling resistance in cooperation with slide-in slot and anti-drill plate.

The patented clever shackle interchange design allows changing the shackle conveniently by using simple tools. This lock adopts a key retaining design. The design makes the key irremovable when unlocking to ensure locking operation is done before removing key and complies with the specifications of certificate and military uses. The double locking ball bearings increase tensile strength to resist pulling attack.

Company: Federal Lock Co. Ltd
Product Categories: Padlocks & Fittings
Product Type: Padlock
Contact Ted Chen
Telephone: 886-8-769-2966 ext. 214
Grading: Padlocks & Fittings - Gold

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