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The IV8 Euro Lock Cylinder is rated Sold Secure gold.

Top-quality euro cylinder lock that combines form and function IV8 is an award-winning hardware specialist providing innovative door safety solutions, and the IV8 High-Security  1* Kitemarked Euro Cylinder is no exception. 

This product combines form and function in order to emulate the perfect door safety mechanism for your home. It comes in a wide range of finishes, all of which are colour-matched to your door handle! 

The Kitemarked Euro Cylinder also has several safety features which makes it the top choice for homeowners,including:

  • Unrestricted keyway Reversible cylinder
  • Sacrificial cut line Anti-pick timing pins.
  • Anti-burglar door lock technology

The IV8 High-Security  1* Kitemarked Euro Cylinder has sacrificial cut lines on both sides of the lock – meaning it can be fitted either way round. This allows for easy installation whilst also preventing stock holding. The sacrificial cut lines ensure that, if a burglar tries to break in, the cylinder only breaks along this line. This leaves the door lock and key mechanism intact and fully operational.

To remain inclusive, this product offers restriction section keyways that are available in a range of sizes. So, whether you require a 70mm cylinder or smaller, you can benefit from the anti-burglar technology that the IV8 High-Security  1* Kitemarked Euro Cylinder has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to install a new patio door lock or even safe-proof your existing bedroom or bathroom door lock, choose the IV8 High-Security 1* Kitemarked Euro Cylinder.

Company: Jiangyin ChengTai Metal Products Co. LTD
Product Categories: Lock Cylinders
Product Type: Lock Cylinder
Contact Mr Wang
Telephone: +86 13901521932
Grading: Lock Cylinders - Gold

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