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KESO 8000 OMEGA2 - Level B Types

The Assa Abloy KESO 8000 OMEGA2 - Level B Types is a Sold Secure gold rated euro lock cylinder.

KESO 8000 OMEGA2 - B Type Cylinders offer excellent protection against break-in atempts and
cylinder pulling.

A new type of modular system with insert technology ensures that the cylinders can be extended or
shortened on site without any problems while the reversible key system can implement both
complex and simple locking systems.

Additonally, with a new active copy protection and a patent term until 2034, the new KESO system
offers very long investment protection.

Technical features:

  • Material: hard alloyed brass/brass.
  • Chrome nickel steel bridge.
  • Innovative modular system: cylinder design based on a modular insert system.
  • Active copy protection Omega².
  • EN1303:2015 atack resistance class D.
  • Pulling protection.
  • With hardened locking elements HRC60.
  • Patented untl 2034.
Company: Assa Abloy (Schweiz) AG
Product Categories: Lock Cylinders
Product Type: Lock Cylinder
Telephone: +41 44 787 3535
Grading: Lock Cylinders - Gold

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