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Face Fix Key Safe

Tested by independent testing house ‘Sold Secure’, the Face Fix Key Safe (FFKS)  is the most secure key safe on the market. Used by some of the countries best known organisations and trusted by insurers, our FFKS features a large drawer for storing  keys and or access swipe cards and is the ideal solution for secure on-site key management and access control. 

The FFKS like all Loxal hardware is compatible with Videofied Alarms creating a seamless access, security and keyholding response solution.


  • Smart, cloud-based key storage
  • Data and audit transfer App                                                                     
  • Secure and robust
  • Records all activity of use and reports battery level
  • Keys are retained within the unit on 1.5m retractable wire lanyard
  • Self-expiring temporary codes
  • Permanent codes                                                                                       
  • Move from site to site
  • Unique installation methods                                                                       
  • External emergency power up facility                                                     
  • ‘Secured by Design’ Police Approved
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
Company: Loxal Security Ltd
Product Categories: Domestic Buildings,Safes & Security Cabinets
Product Type: Key Safe
Contact Mr D. Delaney
Telephone: 0800 9172994
Grading: Key Safes - Gold

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