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Double Doofer Removable Ground Anchor

The Pragmasis Double Doofer two-part anchor is removable and is therefore ideal in situations where you will be moving house or are in rented or temporary accommodation. It is the only Sold Secure-approved removable anchor. Similarly, it is the only removable anchor that is Police Secured-by-Design approved.

It comprises a base and a separate hardened steel cover that conceals the fixings.  The base and cover each have large D-shaped bridge pieces that engage with each other when assembled.  The cover is held in place by a suitable chain being locked through the combination of both D-shaped bridges.  The closeness of the fit of the chain through the anchor is critical to the security of the anchor so it is supplied with Doofer-Daptor adaptor plates to give adjustment of the space, as well as comprehensive instructions.

It is also corrosion-protected and British Made. The Double Doofer is suitable for floor and wall positions with chains up to and including 19mm. Note: Not compatible with Protector Titan chains.

Company: Pragmasis Ltd
Product Categories: Ground Anchors,Motorcycle Security Products
Product Type: Ground Anchor
Contact Mr Stephen Briggs
Telephone: 01827 286267
Grading: Ground Anchors & Security Posts - Gold

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