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Shed Shield

The Shed Shield is a new take on door security, built around our extremely popular RoundLock RL21.

The RoundLock gives exceptional security at a very attractive price and the Shed Shield builds on that to give a massive security boost suitable for many shed doors.

Keep the thieves out!

Sold Secure and Police Secured-by-Design approved

British made, from 5mm thick laser cut, folded and welded steel plates and bolted-through on both sides.

There is a choice of many fixing holes for each side, to cater for a wide variety of shed and door designs. Furthermore, the Shed Shield is offered in Wide and Narrow versions for each side to further extend the range of situations where it can be used and, thus, where a major security upgrade can be achieved on more doors.

Note: The Shed Shield is designed solely to be locked with our RoundLock and is not suitable for other padlocks or D-Locks.

Company: Pragmasis Ltd
Product Categories: Domestic Buildings
Product Type: Outbuilding Security
Contact Mr Stephen Briggs
Telephone: 01827 286267
Grading: Domestic Buildings - Silver

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