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Sub Major Ground Anchor

The Pragmasis Sub Major Ground Anchor is a Sold Secure diamond rated ground anchor.

The Sub Major is an extreme security bury-in-concrete ground anchor intended to provide an exceptional level of security for the most demanding situations.

It has Sold Secure Ground Anchors Diamond approval - it is the first ground anchor ever to achieve this level of approval. Note that this involves significantly more angle grinder resistance than Motorcycle Diamond approval, which it also has! The Sub Major is also Police approved (under the Secured-by-Design scheme).

And it is made in Britain! This page gives more technical information about the Sub Major ground anchor.

The Sub Major Ground Anchor offers the following features:

  • It is an extreme security ground anchor to be installed in fresh concrete
  • The main structure is fabricated out of 4mm and 6mm thick laser-cut steel plates
  • The bridge is deliberately made out of the thicker, 6mm, steel to give even more protection from attacks
  • It is fully seam welded
  • It is Sold Secure Ground Anchors Diamond approved. That is a new standard, higher than Motorcycle Gold and also higher than Motorcycle Diamond. This means it has been tested to confirm extreme angle grinder resistance and is approved for use with motorcycles, vehicles, caravans, Quads/ATVs, bicycles, etc.
  • It is Police Preferred Specification - important to house builders, this ground anchor has genuine Police approval and is suitable for credit points under the Safer Homes initiative.
  • It is large enough to take the largest known high quality large-link security chains that cannot be bolt-cropped, including the extreme security Protector 22mm Titan chain. Many ground anchors cannot cope with these chains.
  • Angle grinder attacks are virtually impossible!
  • Bolt-cropping is impossible!
  • It requires a hole to be dug and filled with fresh concrete as part of the installation process. That is not as easy as the fitting process for our other anchors, but the Sub Major gives a higher level of protection than any of them.
  • It has two-stage corrosion protection with a zinc phosphate electrophoretic pretreatment and tough powder coating finish.
  • It is Made in Britain - Support British industry!
Company: Pragmasis Ltd
Product Categories: Ground Anchors
Product Type: Ground Anchor
Contact Mr Stephen Briggs
Telephone: 01827 286267
Grading: Powered Cycle (Formerly Motorcycle) - Diamond
Quad & ATV - Diamond
Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Diamond
Automotive - Diamond
Caravan & Trailer - Gold
Ground Anchors & Security Posts - Diamond
Motor Scooter - Gold

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