Find out why it's important for independent tests on security products to be performed by Sold Secure for certification & product grading.

Why Test Security Products?

Security product manufacturers make various claims in regard to the security of their products, but what do these claims actually mean?

By creating standard test specifications, having involved the relevant stakeholders (e.g. Police, Insurance, Industry Bodies etc) Sold Secure can test all products to these standards and provide the public with an understanding of how that product performs.


Door Locks

There are 2 main types of locks for doors; mortice (sometimes referred to as Chubb Locks)
and then cylinder locks (sometimes referred to as Yale locks).

Both need to be tested not only to ensure that items such as durability requirements will be met, but most importantly that they will perform their main task of keeping your property secure.

Sold Secure has been instrumental in producing a high level test specification for cylinder
locks (SS 312 Diamond) that addresses all current MO’s used by criminals.

Find All SS312 Diamond Approved Lock Cylinders here.

For expert advice on Door locks contact a MLA Approved locksmith near you who can help on what standard lock to fit for all types of doors.



Motor Cycles & Motor Scooters

Around 50,000 motorcycles are stolen in this country every year. Many of these are broken down for spares and less than a quarter are ever recovered. A very high percentage of those stolen are actually taken from outside their owners’ homes. It may be interesting to note that a bike parked in a busy main road may sport several security devices but when parked at home the bike may be left unsecure.

Sold Secure has two levels of Motorcycle Security Approval (Gold & Diamond) and two levels of Motor Scooter security (Gold & Silver). Using a toolkit based on insurance and police information, the motorcycle is proven safe from the average thief. There are a number of options for security at home and also when parked away from home.




Sold Secure has developed a three tier security grading system.

  • Diamond rated locking devices offer the highest level of security.
  • Gold offers a high level of resistance against a dedicated thief.
  • Silver offers a compromise between security and cost.
  • Bronze level typically offers defence against the opportunist thief.

The purchaser can choose the system which best meets their needs or the relevant insurance requirements.

Again there are a number of options for mobile use and some solutions for the home environment.

A number of bicycles are stolen from insecure garden sheds or garages and we have tested ground anchors, shackles and security posts to help in this area.

Also see our new category for domestic buildings. It is important to note that some items (D shackles in particular) may have extra cables attached to them.

These “accessory” cables will not be covered by the Sold Secure approval and are only providing some extra minimum security for other items (e.g. wheels etc).



Recent statistics show that over 5000 caravans are stolen every year and very few are recovered. Once again, Sold Secure approves locking systems using the tools that a typical thief would carry.

There are three levels of security approval.

  • Diamond level is the highest of all and offers maximum protection.
  • Gold standard is available when a higher level of security is required.
  • Silver level offers basic security, a cost effective product for the occasions when a caravan is stored in a good location.


Ground anchors and security posts are available for fixed security at the caravans main storage point

Ground Anchors

On many occasions, for maximum security, a simple lock is not enough. Unless your bike, motorbike, caravan, boat, trailer or motor mower is fastened down it may be possible to steal it, lock and all! The answer to this is a ground anchor. When installed in your garage, drive or car park, these provide the ideal device for securing your vehicles and other valuable outdoor equipment. Where necessary, use these with a Sold Secure Approved lock.


Security Posts

An ideal way of preventing your vehicle from being stolen from your drive or car park is the security post. These are tested to the normal Sold Secure criteria, making it difficult for the criminal to bypass the security post. They can be effective in securing several vehicles at one time. They can also be used to protect your parking place!


Vehicle Security - Cars & Commercial Vehicles

Crime statistics indicate that the average car thief would wish to spend no longer than 2½ minutes gaining entry to a vehicle and driving off. The Sold Secure attack test acknowledges this criteria and tests the product for a full five minutes. Thus any Car product bearing our seal of approval must improve your chances of finding your car where you left it. Such has been the success of this scheme; car manufacturers now build in security at the production line stage.

The loss of a commercial vehicle is always made worse by the theft of its contents and the disruption to your business. Sold Secure have approved a range of products designed to protect the vehicle and its cargo.


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